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Gabby Neeley is a multi-genre vocalist, vocal producer, songwriter, and pianist with 9+ years of experience. She has 5+ years of training with Billy Purnell (Tori Kelly, Tayla Parks, Keke Palmer) and 7+ years of writing experience learning from titans like Susan Coc, Judy Stakee, Mickey Shiloh and more. 

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Use proper warm up techniques. Find your mix and utilizing it to your advantage. Expand your range and strengthen breathe support.  Learn how to control your voice.

It felt like my world was turned upside down (in the best possible way) when I finally found a coach (Billy Purnell) who taught my how to preserve my vocal cords with healthy techniques AND push me to the best of their ability. That means shooting for the notes and cracking, rolling through the breaks, getting comfortable with. yourself and fining. what works for your voice! And simply learning the techniques to find your voice. And I can tell you right now, that means:

- Learning what 'control' means, is, and how to have it 24/7 on a constant basis 

- Getting the thinnest parts of your head voice to be as thick as your mix / chest voice

- Finding your mix, recognizing what part of your throat that register sits in so you have the ability to tell your voice where to go 

- Breathing from your diaphram not shallowly from the tops of your lungs!!

...And a few more things we'll get into when I see you (;


My piano lessons are a little different from your average teaching methods. I teach the basics of theory, including practices like:

- Learning scales. Memorizing what sharps and flats are in each key to be able to not only play the piano,  but improvise on spot. (Don't worry, we won't get to that for a little while..)

- Sight reading chord charts. 

- Understanding time signatures / BPM / Correct posture fo playing 

- Note lengths and reading the staff 

..And a few more other concepts necessary to play it like you mean it! 


I split my lessons up into 50/50 : theory/'fun song.' 'Fun song' is any song you want it to be. It could be 'Edge of Glory' by Lady Gaga or one of Olivia Rodrigo's heartbreak tunes, or even a track by Ty Dolla doesn't matter. Any song you want to learn I'll make my own special arrangement for you to learn. So that way, you also observe my process and are able to cut me loose and compose your own arrangements to covers or original songs. If you're a  singer or songwriter (or both), I'm the teacher for you because learning this way will monumentally help your ideas come out like rapid fire with melody choices and structuring dynamics.

Below you'll find an arrangement made for a student- 'Edge of Gloy' by Lady Gaga.


I developed my own chord language a little while back courtesy of my teacher Greg Curtis ....

Because even though reading proper sheet music is important, for a student going into the music business as an artist in sessions with producers, it's more important to find a rhythm that works for you- you'll most likely be the one laying it down to record ! Or so I'd like to hope....

So the tradition shall live on.

Songwriting Coaching

Every writer has a unique sound. It's just a matter of figuring out what you have to say. The fuel. Why you want to write songs. 

Whether you're a total new-bee to writing and we start with basic song structure of different genres and slowly introduce different writing styles and activities to help deepen your writing, or a veteran looking to have me write with you on a consistent basis for a weekly consult, I want to work with you! I know the idea of songwriting coaching isn't as normalized in the industry as a service, but I'm trying to change that.

There are songwriters on Billboard Top 100 with publishing deals who still have day jobs  because they only receive backend royalties from their cowrites. So even if they work with artists who accumulate a million of streams...which at the end of the day only get you a few thousand dollars. $4,370 to be exact. 1,000,000 streams = ONLY $4,370. 

So, I am pushing the movement of paying writers for their time forward.


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