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Work For Hire

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All work for hire jobs are done from my home studio. To record audio, I use a Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Mic running through a Universal Audio Volt 276; My room has 12 sound proofing panels installed by Jon Hunter Acoustics, 13 including the window plug for proper treatment. Piano arranging work is recorded on my Nord Electro D6.


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Full lead vocals (doubles included) for your song.


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Lyric and melodies for your song. Must have track for me to write to. (Does not include my feature on the song).


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Melody arranging for your song. A map for you to write lyrics to.
For a topline with hook (chorus) lyrics included, $300.

Piano arrangement

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Creating the chord progression for your song.
-- 10+ years of piano training, having learned theory starting at age eight and studying classical and jazz before I landed in Pop music. If you want unique chords to support your unique song- that's what I do best!

Vocal Production

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Full background vocals for your song. My arranging style is similar to artists like Jasmine Sullivan, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars, with very full harmonies with many layers. But although that is my specialty, I can do simplistic styles for any style of music as well.

Package -
Singing, Songwriting, Vocal Production

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A combination of all three services for your track! This package includes a $200 discount, and will put you at the top of my priority list.

Home Studio Recording

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In-person mandatory session. See full description here.

How It Works

Before starting any job you hire me for, we will have as many consult calls as needed in order to ensure I understand your vision & answer any questions before getting started on the project! Once half the payment is funded, I will get started. After you confirm you're 100% happy with your product, the last half of payment will be remitted immediately. Fairly split back-end ownership percentages to be discussed between you and I (depends on the type of job). 


From 1 on 1 Experiences


'People like Gabby are rare. She’s a talented artist, a driven person, and always conscientious. I brought her in to add some backing vocals to a recent production and it proved very worthwhile. With the artist’s vision and a few suggestions, she provided a variety of excellent tracks. Finally, she was pleasant to communicate with and delivery of the stems was straightforward. As a producer, I recommend her work!'

Rob Gray
Producer, Mentor

Classes with Gabby Neeley

Master the Process

In contrast to my work for hire services, coachings are made to be a reoccurring lesson so you can learn how to do what I do.

All piano, vocal, or songwriting coachings available in-person or virtual.


Piano Lesson

From Imagination to creation, transform your original music. With 10+ years of piano training with a background in classical and jazz theory, my teaching style caters to those looking to go outside of the typical 4-chord pop song. 

I outline our class depending on what you're looking to achieve. Whether you want to know theory like the back of your hand, or just enough to make your original music more interesting.. we can do it.


Vocal Lesson

Discover Your Passion and find the voice that's been there all along.

Learning under esteemed vocal coach Billy Purnell (Tori Kelly, Keke Palmer) since age 14 with now 2 years of coaching experience, you will gain the tactics needed to find your mix and gain overall control over your voice.


Songwriting Workshop

Find ways to dig deeper into your creative process to create unique lyrics with captivating melodies.

With 7 years of experience learning from songwriting/publishing titans like Shelly Peiken, Suzan Koc, Judy Stakee, and more- We'll be practicing the process that's taken me years to hone in- vulnerable storytelling while being mindful of catchy melodies, interesting words, and finding the a new way to say something that's been said a million times.


Studio Recordings
In-Person Only

Professional quality vocals recorded in my home studio (Gear listed at the top of this page under Services tab) by me! 

Whatever you'd like to record is up to you. Covers, originals, etc. We can add as much or as little vocal production as you'd like, and we can either work together on it or I can take the reins and vocal produce (guide you recording the vocals yourself) by the hour.

Based in Orange County.

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